Snoop Dogg weighs in on former massive pot land turned Tenn. parkland

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WOODBURY, TN- Nearly 1,000 wooded acres, which once hosted a massive marijuana operation that made millions of dollars, were dedicated this past Wednesday as protected wildlife areas.


Marijuana advocate and Long Beach California rapper Snoop Dogg commented on the recent transformation of the land from pot to parklands.


“Yo playa that land was already a parkland,” said Snoop Dogg.


“Ya feel me? Now it’s just a bunch of plants that nobody can smoke.”


Although there is no plants one can smoke on the protected wildlife area, the Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency will oversee recreational activities like hunting and hiking on the land.


“You wonder why the economy is still struggling,” said Snoop Dogg.


“Here is couple of young entrepreneurs making millions spreading the joy of medicinal healing and the feds straight up jack those homeboys. Then you turn the business into parkland, which I have to pay for in taxes. That shit is whack G.”


The entrepreneurs Jeffory Carl Young and Morris Roller are currently serving 18 years and 16 years in jail for distributing marijuana across the United States for nearly a decade.


Snoop Dogg has vowed to smoke a joint for every cannabis plant destroyed by the DEA.


“It’s the least I could do. It’s my life calling,” said Snoop Dogg.


“I still can’t believe the feds busted those boys. What else is there to do in Tennessee? You know those Nascar fans have to be high to watch those cars drive around that same circle all day.”


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