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I don’t get out to Westgate Parkway often, mostly because I’m too poor to shop at Earth Fare.


But a last minute Deal Chicken deal took me to Tomato Cocina Latina Friday night. I first made note to return to this establishment on either Tuesday or Thursday nights (I don’t remember) when apparently they serve margaritas for $1.99. Now that’s a drink special!


I ordered the Chille Relleno (a poblano pepper stuffed with sausage and cheese) served with fried plantains, black beans, and rice. The Chile Relleno was the best Chille Relleno I have had in Asheville. The plantains were sweet and delectable. Finally, I probably could of been satisfied with just the black beans and rice topped with avocado and pico de gallo for a meal, the combo was that flavorful.


Chille Relleno


Tomato Cocina Latina will have me coming back to Westgate Parkway, maybe they will even give me the courage after a few margaritas to talk to a rich Asheville hippy inside Earth Fare.


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