Unemployed Asheville man spends snow day like everyday smoking pot and watching Netflix

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ASHEVILLE- Even a snow day can’t screw up Jerry Morgan’s daily routine.


Mr. Morgan spent yesterday’s snow day doing what he does every day smoking pot and searching Netflix for shows to watch.


“Snow days can create chaos for some folks,” said Morgan.


“For me, I made life choices a long time ago that created the chaos in my life.”


Morgan a 24-year-old unemployed man, who lives in his parents’ basement in North Asheville, explains how the snow day impacted him.


“The snow day was pretty good actually, because it forced my mom to stock up on groceries,” said Morgan.


“Plenty of munchies if you know what I’m saying. It got pretty cold in the basement but I rode it out by watching Wings on Netflix. I guess yesterday could have been better if House of Cards was already released, but there’s always today for that.”


Morgan spends the first hour of every day applying to the minimum wage server jobs available in Asheville and then spends the rest of each day smoking pot and watching Netflix.


“I guess this is not what I imagined when I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in philosophy,” said Morgan.


“I do spend a lot of time thinking about what it means to be a member of the 4.8 percent that is unemployed in Buncombe County. But philosophy taught me a lot about perspective and boy can a bowl and a Breaking Bad marathon really change your mind about your own existence.”

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