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Rolled in at the right time on Saturday to the White Duck Taco Shop. By the time we left the line was out the door.


The chips and queso are a must. You get a pretty hearty dose of queso versus other places that serve it to you in a tiny cup, not to mention the queso is on point.


I had the Fish taco and the local BBQ Carnitas taco. The fish taco is a winner. I like White Duck’s fish taco because the fish is blackened versus fried and it is hard to find a fish taco in Asheville where the fish is not fried. The BBQ Carnitas Taco was ok; I guess barbecue on a corn shell is not my thing.  But everything else I have tried at White Duck Taco has been great including the Bangkok Shrimp, Buffalo Chicken, and the Thai Peanut Chicken.


My only wish is they served their tacos on flour tortillas. I know that comment may knock me down a few rungs on the food ladder of critics, but I don’t care. I love my flour tortillas.


5:30 PM White Duck Taco has informed they do have flour tortillas. Sorry for my mistake. And my trips to White Duck Taco in the future just became more awesome!

Fish Taco and BBQ Carnitas Taco




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