Zuckerburg pokes Myspace Tom one last time, Tom unfriends Zuckerburg

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LOS ANGELES, CA– The Facebook IPO fiasco has cost individual investors more than $600 million. However for one investor this isn’t the first time being ‘Rick Rolled’ by Facebook’s Mark Zuckerburg.


Tom Anderson, cofounder of Myspace invested his life savings in the Facebook IPO. Anderson poured his money into the IPO at the beginning of trading May 18th at $45 dollars a share and then watched the stock drop 18 percent three consecutive days. Tom sold his share of the IPO at a significant loss at $32 a share this past Wednesday.


“Facebook seemed like a really good investment because I was friends with significant players at Facebook. I was friends with Zuckerburg on Facebook, Google Plus, and Linkedin,” said Anderson.  “I don’t understand how a friend could do this to me.”


This isn’t the first time though Zuckerburg has played a stake in Anderson’s financial future. Anderson’s social network Myspace was deemed obsolete with the advent of Zuckerburg’s Facebook.


“You know they say ‘Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me.’ But I say that’s horseshit. Is there no humanity left in business?” said Anderson. “I guess I should have learned this after watching the Social Network, but bottom line Zuckerberg is an A-grade asshole.”


Mark Zuckerburg & Wife Priscilla Chan

While Anderson lost his life savings, Zuckerburg raked in a $523 million payday the opening day of trading. Zuckerburg also tied the knot with his long-standing girlfriend Priscilla Chan the next day. Zuckerburg announced the marriage over his Facebook page and both Zuckerburg and Chen changed their relationship status to married.


“Did I like their statuses? Hell no. In fact if that jackass ever develops a dislike button, I’m going to go back and dislike the shit out of that status,” said Anderson. “I did send the beautiful couple a honey moon gift. I tagged both of them in my Facebook cover photo, which features me taking a giant shit on copies of my IPO documents. Because that is what they are worth.”


The photo has since been taken down by Facebook due to it’s inappropriate content. Anderson is currently serving a seven-day ban due to tagging Zuckerburg in a series of inappropriate status updates on Facebook. Anderson has since unfriended Zuckerburg on Facebook.


“That will show him. Nothing says screw you like an unfriend-ing” said Anderson.


The Facebook IPO closed at $28.84 Yesterday.


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